CTM 現誠邀各商戶成為「尊壹會」及「積分獎賞計劃」合作商戶。合作商戶只需提供具吸引力的「尊壹會」或「積分獎賞計劃」優惠,即有機會免費享有 CTM提供的宣傳渠道,觸及龐大的客戶群,增加曝光率及同時提升知名度。如欲參與或了解更多詳情,請提交以下資料:
CTM cordially invites merchants to become our “no.1 Club” and “Bonus Point Scheme” members. The collaborated merchants simply provide an attractive offer for “no.1 Club” or “Bonus Point Scheme”, and will get the opportunity to enjoy free promotion channels via CTM’s platform, which let your brand to reach massive customer base and at the same time increases your reputation in the market. If you are interested to join us or would like to know more about the collaboration detail, please submit the below information:
備註 Remarks:
Note: The above information will be submitted for reviewing and will contact you directly.